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MA 4075

4x independent channels, 5x sets of gain, treble, bass and volume controls, 4x groups VU meter for output level, 3x XLR+1/4 TRS combo input and two RCA input, telephone paging function, and monitor output, priority of MIC-1. VOX mute function. Input matrix output impedance 4Ω, 8Ω, high output voltage : 25V-70V-100V Power output: RMS 50W X4 at 4 Ω, Power Supply AC115V/ 60Hz or AC230V/ 50Hz. Selectable inputs Sensitivity
CH1-3:Mic.: -42dB;Line: -20dB balance CH4-5:Line: -10dB unbalance
Telephone paging: -25dB, Phantom: 15V ,Frequency response 60-17000Hz-3dB, Tone control Treble: ±12dB at 10KHz, Bass: ±12dB at 100Hz, T.H.D <0.6%, S/ N ratio Mic.>60 dB, Line>70 dB, Tel. >60 dB
Priority for Mic-1 Sensitivity: -35 dB, Outputs impedance 4Ω, 8 Ω
Output constant voltage 25 V -70V -100V, Power output RMS 50W X4 at 4 Ω, Indicate LED 5VU meters (LED type), 1 Power indicator, 5 Mute indicators, Dimensions (WxHxD) 483x132x310mm
Weight 15.10kg, Intelligent cooling fan, 19" Rack mount type (3U size)

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