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Behringer XENYX 2222FX

Ultra Low-Noise, 12 channels: 8x univ. mono inputs (XLR/Jack 6,3), 4x stereo inputs (Jack). Mono inputs: Gain, LOW CUT filtr, 3-band corrections ±15dB with parametric middle, 3x AUX SEND, Panorama, balanced or unbalanced inputs, includes PHANTOM power. Stereo inputs: 4-band corrections ±15dB, 3x AUX SEND, Balance. Outputs: MAIN, Phones, Control room, LED column indicator on the output. Separated regulation both outputs channels. Possibility using modes SOLO a MUTE and insetion to subgroup for all inputs. Mix includes 3x stereo AUX RETURN for insertion external effect and 1x stereo subgroup. Faders. Includet 24-bit digital effect. Freq. range: 10Hz-60kHz, Max. distortion: 0,007%, S/N ratio: 112dB. Dimension: 367x408x128mm, weight: 4,8kg.

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